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Brand Story


Founded in 1998, The Travel Store has earned a good reputation and world-wide recognition attracting interest from many international licensors for strategic partnership in licensing.With a highly differentiated brand, The Travel Store stands in an advantageous position to attract new business opportunities in new markets, while maintaining and expanding our existing customer base.Unquestionably, The Travel Store is poised to become the first choice for travel goods and we champion this category through our reliable and renowned flagship brand, The Travel Store.

Brand Vision - Every journey begins here.


Through our integrated marketing communications strategy, The Travel Store is able to successfully communicate our difference from competitors, our value propositions and our unique selling propositions encapsulated succinctly in our tagline – Every Journey Begins Here.

This tagline effectively communicates and dramatizes our clear focused strategy to be the preferred travel goods partner that comes to customer’s mind when they think of travel goods. It suggests that The Travel Store is first-stop to customers.


By partnering our customers and other key stakeholders, we continue to recognize new growth opportunities by identifying product and service gaps, focusing to meet customer’s expectations, and consistently becoming the travel goods provider of choice.

Brand Mission - To serve with trust and integrity.


We are guided by this mission statement to provide clarity of focus to our brand vision where we take pride in what we do and the people we serve.

It is envisioned that with delivering service-led approach focusing on developing a better understanding of customer needs and preferences, The Travel Store will gradually be able to strengthen the perception of our brand, particularly among staff. This will mould behavior and enhance productivity through the building of our brand culture.

Nothing is more important than the relationships we build.


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